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Schools in
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Bedford Schools

The Bedford School system is considered one of the best in Nova Scotia. It consists of four elementary schools covering grades primary to grades 6, a junior high school ( grades 7-9) and a senior high school (grades 10-12). Every child in Bedford attends the same junior (Rocky Lake Junior Hight School) and senior high schools (Charles P Allen High School). CP Allen High is one of the most respected high schools in Nova Scotia. CP Allen High School opened a new facility close to Bedford West Subdivision in September 2013.

Early French Immersion (P-6) is available in Bedford but not in all elementary schools. Early French Immersion is available in Fort Sackville and Eaglewood schools. Children from all over Bedford are able to attend the Early Immersion program at these schools. There is Late French Immersion from grade 7 on offered at Rocky Lake Junior High and CP Allen High School.


There is one private school in Bedford. The Bedford Academy offers classes from grade primary to grade 9.

There are also two French only schools on the edge of Bedford in Royale Hemlocks Subdivision.  École Beaubassin and École Secondaire d’Halifax offer French only schooling from grades primary to grade 12.

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