Schools in
Fall River/Waverley
 Nova Scotia

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The Fall River/ Waverley school system is considered one of the best in metro. The area has one of best equipped high schools in the Nova Scotia at Lockview High. All the children in the area attend this school for grades 9 to 12. For junior high, grades 7-8 almost all the children attend George P. Vanier Junior High School except for those living on a few streets in Capilano who would attend Harold T. Barrett Junior High in Beaverbank.

The elementary school children attend will depend on where you live. In Fall River anybody who lives in Swartzwald or farther east go to Holland Road Elementary and most others go to Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary. Some children in Capilano would attend Beaverbank Monarch Drive School but this is only a few streets. In Waverley all elementary children enrolled in the English program would attend Waverley Memorial School.

Three of the area schools, Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary, George P. Vanier Junior High and Lockview High School are all within a short walk of each other on Fall River Road and Lockview Road.

Early French immersion and late immersion are available as well. At the time this web page was last updated French immersion was only available at Ash Lee Jefferson, George P Vanier and Lockview High School. This is constantly changing. You should call the school directly to confirm.



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