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Overview of Sackville and Beaverbank, Nova Scotia

The Community of Sackville is part of The Halifax Regional Municipality, which is the capital of Nova Scotia. The community consists of four separate areas, all interconnected. Lower Sackville, Middle Sackville, Upper Sackville and Beaverbank.
Lower Sackville is the business and central core of the community. About half the people who live in Sackville live in Lower Sackville. In Lower Sackville you will find restaurants, most businesses, pool, rinks, schools and most other amenities.
Middle Sackville is about 3 miles from the core of Lower Sackville. This area is mostly a bedroom community of larger lots and more space. There is is no municipal water in this area. All homes are on well. In the Springfield Lake area on streets such as Lakeview Avenue and Springfield Lake Road many homes do have municipal sewer. The sewer was put in this area to protect Springfield Lake from becoming polluted.
Upper Sackville is about 6 miles from the core of Lower Sackville. It begins at the far end of Middle Sackville. Much like Middle Sackville the area boasts privacy, large lots, well and septic systems and little amenities.
Beaverbank is about 3 miles from the core of Lower Sackville in the opposite direction of Middle Sackville. It is also a bedroom area much like Middle and Upper Sackville with similar advantages and disadvantages. Municipal water was installed in 2004/2005 in some of the area.
The combined area of Sackville/Beaverbank has a population between 35,000 and 40,000 people as of 2008. Most people work outside the community in either Halifax or Dartmouth. The community is considered one of metros best with many excellent subdivisions to select from.

Sackville is strategically located. Bedford is only 5 minutes away. Halifax and Dartmouth are 20  minutes away as is the Halifax International Airport. Either city can be reached without crossing the bridges, which are often extremely busy and time consuming to cross. There are three different ways to get to Halifax so you simply choose the least busy.

Sackville has good amenities. There are two major grocery stores, one medium shopping mall, several strip malls, an indoor sports stadium with two pools a rink and exercise facility, a multi plex movie theater, an 18 hole golf course(Lost Creek in Beaverbank), canoe clubs, several parks, a lake with developed beach and so on. The community is predominately made up of families and is well set up for family activities.

Sackville has a complete cross section of affordable housing. In Sackville you can buy a mobile home for as little as $50,000 right up to an executive home for over $400,000. See my house price page for more detail. 
There is also a mixture of older and newer. Since Sackville is a fairly new community the oldest housing you will come across in general would have been built in the early 1970's. There are areas of Sackville where you will find brand new homes to buy. Sackville has a style and price range for all.

Sackville has a very active recreation department as well as many community groups offering programs. The Sackville Sports Stadium offers year round swimming lessons and public swims. Most sports are offered in the Sackville area. Two sports that are offered in Sackville that aren't available everywhere are gymnastics and competitive canoeing. Taiso Gymnastics Club offers a wonderful gymnastics program for all ages. Sack A Wa Canoe Club offers lessons and competition in war canoe, kayak and other competitive canoes. It is a successful and well run program.

Sackville has an excellent school system. There are a number of elementary schools throughout Sackville. These schools run from grade primary to grade 6 with the exception of Cavalier Drive Elementary School which is primary to grade 9. Most are generally located fairly close to your home. After that the children attend one of three Junior High Schools for grades 7,8 and 9. There are two high schools, Sackville High School and Millwood High School, that the children attend for grades 10 to 12. Bussing is provided in some cases and you should check this out before you purchase. Schooling in Sackville is constantly changing and you should check out yourself the school situation for your child. You can contact the school board at  School Board .

Sackville has one of the best bus services to the downtown core of Halifax. In 2006 Metro Transit started a Metro Link Bus Service. This is an upgraded bus that only stops twice between the terminal at 27 Walker Service Road and downtown Halifax. This bus only stops a few times and has the ability to control traffic lights so it is much faster than traditional bus services. Metro transit state on their website that the trip from Sackville to Halifax is 23 minutes. This is probably quicker than you could reach by car. The terminal is located close to the intersection of Old Sackville Road and Beaverbank Road. There is a large parking lot there that you can use to Park and Ride. A second Park and Ride location is found on Cobequid Road. For more information on this service go to METRO TRANSIT. Here is a map showing location of the Terminal- TERMINAL

Sackville is a friendly very community orientated place and one you should consider when relocating to metro.

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