First Lake Subdivision

The area is located in the middle of Sackville close to First Lake.


Age of houses: Most houses here were built in the early to mid 1980's.


Advantages: Cavalier Drive School, a primary to 9 school, is located in the subdivision. Sackville High School, First Lake beach, two rinks, Taiso Gymnastics, Sackville Sports Stadium, Sak A Wa canoe club and parks are all a short walk away.


Style of housing available: Only single family detached houses available here including split entry, side split and two storey homes.


Some of the streets in subdivision: First Lake Drive, Cavalier, Cavendish, Cabot and Cartier


Schools: Cavalier Drive School which is located in the subdivision (p-5), Leslie Thomas Junior High (6-8), Sackville High (9-12) .

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© Copyright Sandy and Judy Hines. 2015

© Copyright Sandy and Judy Hines. 2015