Location: Portland Hills is located just off Portland Street in the center of Dartmouth. Portland Hills and Portland Estates are connected by Portland Hills Drive and even though they are technically two different subdivisions you can't tell when you are leaving one and entering the other.


Age of houses: Houses here were built from 2000 to now. New homes available in subdivision.


Advantages: Excellent community. Primary to 6 school that was built in 2002 , three mile long lake with swimming and public boat launch located and parks located close by in Portland Estates subdivision. Shopping and restaurants within walking or close by. One of Dartmouth's best neighbourhoods.


Style of housing available: There is a wide selection of homes available in Portland Hills including detached bungalow, split entry, side split and two story homes, semi-detached, townhouse and apartment condominium . There are medium size homes to very large executive two storey homes. Some new housing is available here. The subdivision has many bungalow style houses particularly in the Senior Lifestyle portion of the subdivision.


Some of the streets in the subdivision: Portland Hills Drive, Bellbrook, Collingwood, Southhaven Close, Summerfield Way

Portland Estates Elementary or Bel Ayr Elementary(p-6) , Ellenvale Junior High or Eric Graves Junior High(7-9),  Prince Andrew High School (10-12)  NOTE: Not all children in Portland Hills attend the Portland Estates Elementary School that is located in the subdivision. Depending on where you live in the subdivision children from grades primary to 6 could attend either Portland Estates Elementary or Bel Ayr Elementary which is close by on Bell Street. If your child goes to Bel Ayr Elementary they will also likely attend Eric Graves Junior High as well. The closer you get to Portland Street in the subdivision the more likely you will NOT attend Portland Estates Elementary. All children would attend Prince Andrew High School for grades 10-12.

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© Copyright Sandy and Judy Hines. 2015

© Copyright Sandy and Judy Hines. 2015