White Hills Subdivision

White Hills is located in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, just off the Pockwock Road about 7 kms from Bedford and 30 kms to Halifax.


Age of houses: Construction of houses starting about 1997. There are a few brand new homes available in the subdivision.


Advantages: Large lots of at least 1 acre with most being even larger. Madelaine Symonds Middle School  is located in the subdivision as well as a private Elementary School and Preschool. Hammonds Plains Consolidated Elementary is located near the entrance to the subdivision. There are a couple of lakes in the subdivision. Playground built in 2014 has tennis courts.


Style of housing available: Split entry, mid size and larger two story homes. Executive homes available as well as lakefront homes. All houses were built 1997 or later.


Some of the streets in subdivision: White Hills Run, Tattenham, Rochester, Royal Dornoch, Brushfield, Canongate, Glen Eagles, Sandwick, Stratton, Daisywood, Tomahawk, Londonberry, Bishop's Gate,Westminister


Schools: Hammonds Plains Consolidated(p-5), Madelaine Symonds Middle School (6-9), CP Allen High in Bedford (10-12).

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© Copyright Sandy and Judy Hines. 2015

© Copyright Sandy and Judy Hines. 2015