Steps For Preparing a Home For Sale in Halifax

Sandy and Judy Hines

Preparing your home for sale


  • Clean up oil spots on driveway. Apply a fresh coat of black driveway sealer.
  • Remove clutter, garbage, dead branches from yard
  • Mow, trim and fertilize the lawn. Remove grass clippings.
  • Edge walkways & trim hedges and shrubs
  •  Weed flower beds and replace dead plants and trees.
  • Keep driveway and walkways free of snow and ice.
  • Clear gutters of leaves and debris.
  • Power wash your siding or hire professional.
  • Fences: Replace missing or broken slats. Repair broken hinges and paint the fence if necessary.
  • Paint front door, mailbox and house numbers if needed.
  •  Make sure all doors work properly without squeaks.
  • Replace unsightly mailbox or rusty doorbell.
  •  Make sure door bell works.
  • Power wash or paint/stain front step.
  • Replace any missing or rotten floor boards/railings on decks.
  •  Make sure all deck railings are secure.
  • Clean all windows inside and out.
  • Repair/replace broken screens on doors.
  • Paint any windows, doors, shutters that require it.
  • Keep garbage and green bins out of front yard. Empty and clean.
  • Be sure porch lights are working. Add new door mat and flowering plants.
  • Remove rusty BBQ and extra propane tanks. Remove broken or rusty outdoor furniture.
  • Replace any missing roof shingles.
  • Check outdoor electrical plugs. Repair if needed.
  • Clean out all sheds. Remove clutter.



  • Remove all garbage and recycling
  • Take recycled bottles to depot. Remove once a week.
  • Remove all clutter and furniture that you don't use.
  • Clear paths to all windows, appliances, furnace.
  • Move any items blocking view of basement exterior walls.
  • Shampoo/replace any stained carpet.
  • Replace any cracked floor tiles.
  • Clean blinds or draperies. Dust shelves.
  • Clean air exchanger filter and outside vents.
  • Clean exterior of furnace. Clean or paint over rust/water stains on floor.
  • Have furnace serviced and cleaned.
  • Stairways cleared of objects and obstacles.
  • Clear kitchen and bathroom counter tops
  • Repair/replace leaky faucets or toilets
  • Freshly clean all linens, draperies and shower curtains.
  • If you are a smoker, clean any nicotine stained items thoroughly
  • Clean the basement and garage.
  •  Replace all lights bulbs that don't work
  •  Replace any missing covers for electrical switches or plugs
  • All appliances and sinks should be spotless.
  • Clear counters, drawers and cabinets of unnecessary items.
  • Put away all dishes. Don't leave dishes drying by the sink.
  • Be conscious of odors caused by dampness, hampers, garbage and various foods.
  • Caulk around tub, showers if needed.
  • Take 50% of your closet contents and put them away.
  • Repaint a neutral color any walls that are strong colors. Ask Realtor for suggestions.
  • Touch up trim paint.
  • Repair any doors that stick or don't work properly.
  • Place furniture so that traffic can flow easily from room to room.
  • Scale down family pictures, remove trophies and reduce knick knacks.
  •  If you have a gas fireplace make sure you have gas and that fireplace is operational.
  • Remove "ALL" wallpaper and borders and repaint in neutral colors.
  • Replace any damaged vinyl flooring with ceramic flooring if possible.




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