Recreation and Leisure Sackville, Nova Scotia

Sandy and Judy Hines


The Sackville/Beaverbank area has excellent recreation facilities. The Sackville Sports Stadium is located in the center of Lower Sackville. This facility has two indoor swimming pools, a rink, a fitness center and curling rink. This is the main indoor facility in Sackville, Bedford, Fall River area so it is very popular. The curling rink is home of the Lakeshore Curling Club and new members are always welcome.


There are plenty of outdoor sports fields in Sackville/Beaverbank so sports such as soccer, football, baseball etc. are very popular. Many of the organized sports are operated by private associations run by volunteers.


There are several lakes in the Sackville/Beaverbank area so outdoor water sports are very popular. A paddling club called Sack-A -Wa Canoe Club is located on the shores of the largest lake in Sackville, First Lake. This club offers instruction and competition in most classes of canoe including war canoe, kayak and more.


Sackville is home to Taiso Gymnastics Club. This is a private gymnastics club located close to First Lake. This club offers competitive and non competitive gymnastic training year round.


There is an excellent golf course in Beaverbank called Lost Creek. This is a very challenging 18 golf course with treed lined fairways.

Sackville has something for everyone.



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