South End
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Location: South end Halifax is not really a subdivision but more of a geographical area of Halifax. It is located on the peninsula of Halifax closest to the universities, hospitals and downtown Halifax. Quinpool Road divides South end and West end Halifax. The area that is South of Quinpool is referred to as South end. It is one of the most expensive and sought after areas of Halifax because it is so close to everything and such a beautiful area.

Age of houses:
Almost all the houses in the south end are older houses that range anywhere from 40 to 200 years old. There are some newer houses throughout the area but very few. A typical home in this area would be between 50 and 100 years old.

Walk or short drive to downtown Halifax, universities, hospitals, shopping, parks and most other amenities. One of the most prestigious and sought after areas in all of metro. Gorgeous treed lined streets.

Style of housing available: Older houses that are typically one or two storey. Multiple unit houses that are used for rentals to students. Apartment condominiums. Large executive to smaller homes. Victorian houses and more. Wide variety in area.

Some of the streets in the area: Too many to list but some would be South, Frasier, Oakland, Jubilee,Walnut, Oakland, Marlborough, Bloomingdale.



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