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Schools in
Hammonds Plains/Tantallon Nova Scotia























The school system in Hammonds Plains/Tantallon is excellent.

There are 4 elementary schools, a middle school and two high schools serving the area. C.P. Allen High School is the newest facility opening in Sept 2013. C.P. Allen is considered one of Nova Scotia's top schools.

French Immersion is taught in every school in the area.

All children in Hammonds Plains attend C.P. Allen and all children in Tantallon (Westwood Hills and Haliburton Hills Subdivisions) attend Sir John A MacDonald High School located in Tantallon.

Some of the schools are located in subdivisions. Kingswood Elementary is located in Kingswood Subdivision and Madeline Symonds Middle School is located in White Hills Subdivision.

The schools in the area are: Kingswood Elementary, Hammonds Plains Consolidated, Madeline Symonds Middle School, C.P. Allen High School, Tantallon Elementary, Sir John A MacDonald.



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